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The Many Faces of Tracey Lee: From Rapper to Attorney

The Many Faces of Tracey Lee: From Rapper to Attorney

There are too many stories of artists having a successful career but ending up broke. TLC and Toni Braxton come to mind. On the surface, you see nothing but glamour, shine and glitz, but when the cameras and lights are off, nothing but grime, dullness and emptiness, especially in the bank accounts. Seems like it’s a story that has been written over and over and then over, once again!
Yet, you do have some artists who encounter the same territory and they see a different road and decide to embark on another path to avoid the pitfalls of artists before them. That would describe Tracey Lee, former Universal/Bystorm recording artist. Wait, let me rephrase that, I should say it refers to Tracey Lee, Esq. Yes, you read that correctly, Esq. No, it’s not the name of his latest project (Oh wait, coincidentally, it is!) but the title that follows an attorney.
Tracey Lee is an attorney! Fighting for the rights of those who were once in his position. Making sure that some have a fair chance of actually making money and being successful with their art. It’s a turnaround that if more artists paid attention to, there would be less heartaches and sad stories to read about.
Now, instead of making waves “Bystorm” he is making waves by other means. With a partnership with the woman who he shares a last name with, it’s time that we see why Mr. Lee has decided to go “LLeft!

Royce Reed Seeks To Have Dwight Howard Pay Her Legal Fees

Royce Reed and Dwight Howard are continuing their custody battle over their son Braylon. Each parent is seeking full custody over the young boy and now Royce has requested that the judge force Dwight to pay for her legal bills. Some people have responded to her newest legal demand by looking at her like she's a "gold digger," but Royce feels she is just doing what is best for her son. She responded to her haters on Twitter with a few brief messages. The judge has yet to rule on whether or not Dwight will have to come out of pocket and pay Royce's bills.


Save the date: December 7th. The Lounge 360: Unwrapping the Promise. Lineup soon to come...stay tuned:)

Deion Sanders Recruiting Scandal Is Full Of Hypocrisy

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke defends a flamboyant former NFL star.

The mainstream sports media has been dogging NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders ever since he called a white TV reporter named Brett Shipp an "African-American killer" during a November 14 radio interview. Shipp has been obsessively covering allegations that the former All-Pro defensive back illegally recruited kids to play for Prime Prep, his private charter school in Dallas.

Immediately, Shipp's peers accused Deion of making it about his skin color. For instance, Yahoo! Sports high school athletics columnist Cameron Smith wrote, "It might have taken a bit longer than some might have expected, but Deion Sanders officially lost it. His response was to play the race card."

No, he hasn't. Sanders is absolutely right. Before his school even opened its doors, Prime Prep has been receiving an unfair amount of scrutiny just because of his involvement. The negative press has destroyed Prime Prep's athletic program before it even got off the ground.

In August, before the football season began, a Dallas school district committee disqualified Prime Prep from all athletics this year. Earlier this month, three basketball players were declared ineligible because they transferred from Grace Prep, an Arlington school with one of the top basketball programs in America. The trio was accused of switching to Prime Prep for "athletic reasons."

Meanwhile, there are no exposés on the hundreds of private schools in football-rich states like Texas and Florida that illegally recruit student athletes. High schools such as St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Belen Jesuit in West Miami-Dade, and Christopher Columbus in Westchester are always recruiting inner-city kids to field competitive teams.

Private schools have the luxury of promising parents the "best education" possible for Little Johnny Football. That's how parents fall into their trap. A prime example is Michael Irvin, another Hall of Famer, who was a star at the University of Miami. Irvin was attending Piper High in Sunrise when St. Thomas recruited him. Despite having 17 brothers and sisters, Irvin was the only one offered an academic scholarship.

But when a controversial black celebrity athlete wants to offer children a better education, he can't be trusted. All of sudden, reporters can't wait to expose him for doing what private schools fielding nationally competitive athletic programs do every day.

Deion is being lynched before the starting whistle.

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Tahiry Gets At Joe Budden On Twitter

Hip Hop fans were ecstatic when Joe Budden let loose his new mixtape, "A Loose Quarter", on Tuesday night ahead of its initial release schedule, but not everyone is happy with the Slaughterhouse member.
Budden's ex-girlfriend Tahiry isn't pleased that he continues to rap about her in his songs and she let him know about it via Twitter on Wednesday morning. But it isn't just Budden's lyrics that have irked the beautiful model. She also let it be known that she has issues with Joey's involvement in the reality television series "Love & Hip Hop", which is approaching another season.
Joe Budden has yet to respond to Tahiry and it remains to be seen if he will fire back at her. Check out her tweets above and let us know your thoughts on this matter.