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McClain arrested for signature: Oakland Raider Orlando McClain charged for profane message

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain, was arrested for a signature he wrote on a ticket after being pulled over by police. Police say McClain was pulled over in Decatur, Ala. because they suspected the tint on his car was too dark. After they gave the citation to him to sign, he wrote on it, F*** y'all, USA Today reported on Jan. 9. He was then taken into custody for giving a false name to police.

Police officials said if he would have just simply signed his real name, he wouldn't have been arrested. After McClain wrote F*** y'all on the ticket, police gave him a chance to sign the ticket again using his actual name. However, McClain gave them the following response,

"That is my name."

McClain told police he was allowed to have the illegal tint due to photosentivity issues, and showed a letter from a doctor. Police said it wasn't valid because the prescription form didn't back up his claims.

Lt. John Crouch said McClain, 23, was arrested and taken into custody at the Decatur City Jail on the misdemeanor and the window tint violation.

He posted a $1,000 cash bail and was released shortly after. He later told Decatur Daily,

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