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Gunplay Has Armed Robbery and Assault Charges Dropped


Gunplay won't be headed to prison for life after all. The up-an-coming Miami rapper had been facing charges of armed robbery and assault after video surfaced of him allegedly robbing his own accountant at gun point. Despite the video evidence, the case fell apart because the victim refused to cooperate with authorities.

"We couldn't be happier with the result," said attorney (and Miami Beach commission candidate) Michael Greico in a statement. "My client kept his chin up the entire time he was facing life in prison, sitting on house arrest waiting for his day in court. He got it, and he is now a free man and ready to get back to his music. A dismissal on a case like this is very rare and my client knows it's simply time to move forward."

Gunplay, born as Richard Morales Jr., had allegedly robbed his accountant Turron Woodside back in April 2012. Video footage showed a man believed to have been Gunplay pulling out a pistol and taking cash and a gold chain. Gunplay turned himself in on the charges and has been under house arrest ever since.

>But video alone wasn't enough for prosecutors to move forward with the case. Woodside refused to cooperate.

"Video alone is not enough to convict an individual of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt." a sources from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office tells TMZ. "Although the armed robbery is captured on the victim's surveillance system, the victim, Turron Woodside, is uncooperative of the prosecution of this defendant Richard Morales [Gunplay]." 

Lil Wayne Goes Off! Claims To Have Had Sex With Chris Bosh's Wife

Lil Wayne was banned from all NBA events, and now he's taking it out on the people who got him barred:
The Miami Heat.

At a Beats by Dre concert this weekend, the Young Money rapper lashed out at Miami Heat, particularly Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh. He went so far as to tell Chris Bosh that he had sex with his wife.

Wayne told the crowd:
“If you’re wondering why you didn’t see me at the All Star Game. It’s because I was banned from attending all NBA events. The Miami Heat got me banned. F*** NBA! F*** NBA! F*** Lebron! F*** SheWade! F*** Chris Bosh! And I f***ed Chris Bosh wife!”
Weezy also prompted the crowd to scream, 'Eff the Miami Heat.'
Tell 'em why you mad, son!
Wayne goes on to say "I ain't Tupac, I'm the new Pac." Could we see a sea of Miami Heat disses coming from the "Love Me" emcee? We'll be on the lookout.

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Vertu Releases $10,000 Smartphone with Year-Old Software, No 4G

Luxury smartphone company Vertu has just released the Vertu Ti, the price of which is not listed on its website but was reported by Alex Dobie of Android Central to be $10,000. It runs a version of the Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, which is more than a year old, and lacks other typical high-end smartphone features like 4G wireless Internet. But then, with "Titanium Black Leather" in bold at the top of its feature list -- with "size and weight," "materials," and "services" right afterwards -- it's pretty clear which "specs" Vertu is hoping its buyers will care about. Software and specs Vertu's website describes "the devices [sic] 1.7 GHz processor" and its "uniquely tailored user interface," a custom UI layer which superficially resembles Samsung's Touchwiz and is running on top of Android 4.0. Its processor is dual-core, and its 3.7-inch screen is about as small as the old iPhone's. On the other hand, the Vertu Ti does have 64 GB of flash storage, as well as a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear-facing shooter which can record 1080p video. The key to the kingdom The Vertu Ti's most unique feature is the "Vertu Key," a button on the side of the phone which can be used to call 24/7 concierge service from anywhere in the world -- or at least, anywhere in the world where it has a signal. There's also a text-based live chat option, a Windows-style remote assist feature, and an app which appears to do nothing but display personalized ads (the company calls them "independently sourced articles and privileges"). Putting the "hard" in hardware The materials used do have some practical benefits. Vertu's website claims that the Vertu Ti's chassis is "around five times stronger than other smart phones [sic]." Meanwhile, a BBC News report said that one Vertu handset survived being run over by a truck, or that it was at least "intact and working" afterwards. The same report quoted Vertu Head of Design Hutch Hutchison as saying the phone's sapphire screen can only be scratched by diamond. With its price tag and luxury design however, Vertu is not competing in the same space as Panasonic's military-grade, ruggedized hardware. Are the phones worth it? That's up to the very few people who societies choose to reward with the disposable income to buy them -- people like the bankers at the former Lehman Brothers firm, which is believed to have been instrumental in causing the global financial crisis and the closing of which impacted Vertu's sales, according to the BBC article. Roughly 326,000 Vertu phones (of all kinds) have been sold worldwide. China is reportedly Vertu's biggest market.


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Lil Wayne Returns Home, Rocks Madden Super Bowl Party

Much of pregame festivities at the Super Bowl are centered around music, and considering the sponsorships and dollars thrown to host these affairs, the stakes are high.
The name of the game is to get the most media impressions and ultimately, have folks talking about your event well after the actual football game, which in this case, is still days away.
At Thursday night's EA Madden Bowl, an event that used to be about bringing in the best NFL players to go head-to-head with one another playing animated versions of themselves and their contemporaries has turned into the unofficial kick-off party of the Super Bowl week.

Sure, there's plenty of gamer action here -- this night, Arian Foster and Victor Cruz played against future NFL hopefuls and would be first round draft picks like Denard Robinson.
All that said? The Madden Bowl could still be in great running for the top concert (and party crown) of the week. And it almost has nothing to do with football (though we did spot greats Eddie George and Jerry Rice). The real reason that capacity was at a max was the promise of a Lil' Wayne concert.
The surprise opener was Big Boi of OutKast, who performed as if the other half of his dynamic duo was on stage with him. In the absence of Andre 3000 was Big Boi's rapping hypeman Black Owned, and no shade to Dre, but the show was just as jamming as if he were actually there himself.
Big Boi rolled through a number of classic and big OutKast hits ("So Fresh, So Clean," "Rosa Parks" and "ATLiens"), and performed a few new cuts -- "Apple of my Eye" and "CPU" -- and announced to the crowd that at midnight, he was turning 38 and couldn't think of a better place to celebrate his birthday.
But the real musical nugget of the night, naturally, was Lil Wayne himself.
When he first made his entrance on stage -- Wayne was backed by a band and a DJ -- he pointed out a fresh new band-aid on his cheek; the consequence of a skateboarding accident he shared with the crowd.
The New Orleans homeboy will actually perform two concerts in celebration of the big game before the week is up. His next show is Saturday night's GQ party, but his Thursday night event was epic and quite frankly the perfect kick-off to a week of anticipated musical moments.
The 5'5" rapper looked every bit the rock star -- and at one point moved around on his skateboard on stage. He made his way through much of "The Carter IV," – he opened with his Rick Ross single, "John," and later performed "She Will," which has his protégé Drake singing the hook, before spinning into some of his recent radio hits and collaborations with French Montana, Drake and 2 Chainz.
He continued to rock out for nearly an hour on the stage, while the crowd of the thousands who were lucky enough to score one of those private, coveted tickets leapt to their feet and cheered on the hometown hero.
Wayne asked his fans -- and judging by the way nearly everyone in the crowd met him note-for-note and word-for-word on his tracks, most were there for that show -- to continue to support him when he releases his next LP, "I Am Not a Human Being II," Wayne's tenth studio album, dropping March 26.
Wayne also repeated several times that he believed in God, strangely fitting, considering that much of this show felt like a Lil Wayne revival.
And gauging from the call and response from his parishioners, they were musically sated.