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Gunplay Has Armed Robbery and Assault Charges Dropped


Gunplay won't be headed to prison for life after all. The up-an-coming Miami rapper had been facing charges of armed robbery and assault after video surfaced of him allegedly robbing his own accountant at gun point. Despite the video evidence, the case fell apart because the victim refused to cooperate with authorities.

"We couldn't be happier with the result," said attorney (and Miami Beach commission candidate) Michael Greico in a statement. "My client kept his chin up the entire time he was facing life in prison, sitting on house arrest waiting for his day in court. He got it, and he is now a free man and ready to get back to his music. A dismissal on a case like this is very rare and my client knows it's simply time to move forward."

Gunplay, born as Richard Morales Jr., had allegedly robbed his accountant Turron Woodside back in April 2012. Video footage showed a man believed to have been Gunplay pulling out a pistol and taking cash and a gold chain. Gunplay turned himself in on the charges and has been under house arrest ever since.

>But video alone wasn't enough for prosecutors to move forward with the case. Woodside refused to cooperate.

"Video alone is not enough to convict an individual of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt." a sources from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office tells TMZ. "Although the armed robbery is captured on the victim's surveillance system, the victim, Turron Woodside, is uncooperative of the prosecution of this defendant Richard Morales [Gunplay]." 

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