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 ST DOT a Houston resident, born in Milwaukee, WI with Louisiana roots is an American HipHop Musician. His early life is similar to that of many individuals who grew up in America's ghettos. At the age of 6 he learned to play the piano and discovered his love for music. That didn't save him from the influences of the streets. When he was10 years old he began living the street life with neighborhood gangs and began getting in and out of trouble.
S T DOT was sent to prison at 17 for distribution of cocaine. Shortly after his release he violated his probation and moved to Louisiana as a fugitive from justice. He was eventually caught and extradited. After being released he knew it was time to take his life in a different direction. This path brought him back to his love of music. S T didn’t let his continuous trouble with the law and the constant call of the streets postpone him from his dreams of telling his story through his music. Realizing that his friends and family believed in him and the story that he had to tell he began taking music serious from production to song writing and now as an artist.
N.S.O.(New Street Order ) is a movement that S T DOT created that will bring about a change in how the streets are portrayed and an attempt to reverse how the dangerous minds of today’s ghetto society live (kill or be killed, rob, steal, murder etc). N.S.O. is a movement that brings together street individuals from all walks of life and teaches them how to be leaders in their community, how to teach the youth in the hood that you don't have to be a killer or big time drug dealer to be respected, teach them that the path of crime is not the path to a successful life. N.S.O. is a way of life, an everyday journey into redemption of brothers who have done their wrongs and paid their debts but want to use the experience and knowledge to lead the future of this nation into a new order of the streets. This is just the first chapter of his developing story.

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