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million dollar showcase
For Immediate Release
The first time ever in hip hop history we will have a Million Dollars Showcase taking place in Las Vegas November 28 to Dec 1, Thanksgiving weekend. With so many showcases that offer basic performance winning packages, this event will reach for new ground. Over the next 5 months the started from the bottom tour will MONSTER their way to the top, by providing $100,000 in gifts and prizes during each event. These upcoming events has been develop as the creme de la creme showcases and lifestyle events. We are looking for the right artist to be on the main stage in Las Vegas. This event will also create the best talent in fashion as well. Each city will include fashion shows to provide an organic feel of urban lifestyle. Once we have found the best fashion talented (models, Designers, stylist) professionals, they will be included in the paid per view fashion show during this event in Las Vegas. Each artist selected to be part of the started from the bottom tour will be interviewed for the opportunity to tell their story prior to each event. When they are selected as the top creme de la creme position for the Million Dollars Showcase artist will receive a high end car, a condo, promotions and paid bookings for an entire year (2-3 artist will be select during Thanksgiving event). This event will create the next superstar in hip hop r&b and pop. If you would like to perform, become the next superstar or be a witness to greatness, email us at: or contact us at 404.643.8184. Tickets and artist registration starts today. We are looking for national sponsors that would like to enjoy the international branding exposure that this event will create.

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