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Rumbull - Cut Throught Island (UK Hip-Hop)

Rumbull - Cut Throught Island 500
Rumbull is a UK rapper destined for massive things. This is righteous revolutionary UK Hip-Hop that is lyrically forward thinking while staying true to the essence of the culture. Sharing stages with the likes of RA The Rugged Man, Immortal Technique, Diabolic, Ill Bill, Snowgoons as well many UK acts, Rumbull is an explosive performer as well as a solid recording artist. This is music with a message and music with substance, something needed in an era where the mainstream is flooded with sub-standard releases.
The new album ‘Cut Throught Island’ has been getting an excellent response from some of the internets leading Hip-Hop blogs as well as support on a string of credible Hip-Hop radio stations. Mixed and mastered by UK legend Chemo, the album features Simply Ill who is the only guest and a long time friend while production comes from former RA member Leatherface, Gilson from Malta, Wizard, Scizzahs and Chemo. Two years in tha making, ‘Cut Throught Island’ is an album that you need to take note of.
'Real UK Hip-Hop for a conscious mindset' 'A future UK underground Hip-Hop classic' 'This album hits the spot for any real rap fan'
Rumbull - Cut Throught Island (Track-list)
  1. Intro
  2. History Will Absolve Me...
  3. Story 2 Tell
  4. Skit
  5. Horse's Head
  6. Cut Throught Island
  7. Da Journey
  8. Building Up (Skit)
  9. Radio Rebelde
  10. Get Me
  11. Poundin' On The Door
  12. Lordz Of War
  13. Hold Up (Bonus Track)

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