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Rocko Talks About Confronting Gucci Mane During Twitter Rant

Rocko Talks About Confronting Gucci Mane During Twitter Rant
In an interview with the Streetz 94.5 radio station in Atlanta, Rocko answered questions regarding Gucci Mane. For those who missed it, Gucci had a Twitter meltdown for several days, calling out associates, labelmates, and women he claimed to have had sex with. During the meltdown, Rocko, one of the people slandered in the tweets, began tweeting that he was right outside Gucci's spot and was trying to have a conversation with Gucci.
During the interview, Rocko confirmed that he did go out to talk to Gucci in person, and said that the two spoke at the time. However, he went on to add that he harbored no ill will towards Gucci for the tweets, and instead encouraged people to "pray for the homie" as he was going through a difficult time. A couple of weeks after the Twitter meltdown, Gucci returned to Twitter to confess to a lean addiction, saying that he would be going to rehab following a stint in jail.
For all of his wild moments, Gucci's reputation seems to hold considerable weight. Rocko did not say that Gucci had apologized to him for his comments, and in Gucci's most recent tweets, he only apologized to four people in particular, Rocko not being one of them. Despite this, Rocko seems to have moved on from the tweets and seems willing to continue to work with Gucci once he returns from jail and rehab.

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