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Erica Mena Talks Domestic Abuse & Addresses Assault On Son's Father

Erica Mena, reality TV star of "Love & Hip Hop," spoke out on the prolonged domestic abuse that she suffered starting in early childhood when she was sexually assaulted at a young age.  She also went into grave detail describing the excessive number of beatings she endured at the hands of her baby's father, Raul Conde, and broke down crying as she reflected on her painful past.
Erica then addressed the infamous video of her punching and kicking him outside of My Studio years ago, and how that was the moment when she found her own strength to fight back. She claims that he punched in front of everyone, which occured prior to what the video shows, and nobody did anything to help her, so she took matters into her own hands.
Her speech took place on Saturday, October 5th, at the "Face My Abuse" rally to raise awareness about domestic violence.

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