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Three McDaniel, an artist from Houston, TX performs under this name which has many meanings; his childhood neighborhood, his spiritual connection, but solely an abbreviation of his government name Malcolm Maurice McDaniel.

As a rapper Three is a new artist quenching the thirst for creativity in hip-hop fans everywhere. An eager audience will welcome his unique approach to an art form that embraces a new sound. His extremely melodic flow infuses hip-hop with the soul of R&B and the energy of rock, to create a sound, which connects him to fans, but also to the fan who’s not bound by genre, and only desires a connection to classic & great records.

Three just finished up his solo project set to be released Nov. 19th The debut titled project, “BLUE DIAMOND DRIVE" (named after a street he grew up on), embodies songs which are greatly inspired by the streets of Houston; which is imminent through some of his songs in particular, “SOON” "OFF RIGHT" "NO DAYZ OFF" & “MY CITY”.

**BLUE DIAMOND DRIVE will be Available for download on Itunes November 19th**
 (attached is the explicit & clean version of SOON"

Find Three McDaniel Online Here:

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