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Buckshot Blames Hot 97's Ebro for Decline in NYC Hip-Hop Radio

The leader of Brooklyn's legendary Boot Camp Clik says that Hot 97, specifically their program director Ebro Darden, is the reason why NYC hip-hop and its support from local radio is currently on the decline.
In a recent interview with the Combat Jack Show, Buck said that it is the fault of Hot 97's Ebro Darden as to why NYC hip-hop is in terrible shape at the moment, blaming Ebro for the lack of radio support.

The founding member of seminal hip-hop act Black Moon was quoted as saying, "So here we got this Duncan Hines version of Hip Hop that Ebro wanna come in and introduce," says Buckshot. "You was in L.A. The s**t didn't get f**ked up until you got here." He went on to say, "Ebro is an Uncle Tom. Why? Because your uncle will always sell you out for something that you will never get."

Buckshot then took it personal, when he directly addressed Ebro's claim that women don't listen to Duck Down's music. "You wanna know the reason why chicks don't f**k with Buckshot the way you would like it or see it, is because you stopped f**king with me. And when you stop f**king with me, automatically people start going, "you underground". So I say guess what? If you're gonna put me there, I'm gonna go above you, cause I'm still above you now."

Continuing, Buckshot said, "But what I'm gonna do is... I'm gonna be the illest underground ni**a you ever seen. So no matter what, you gotta always get back to me. Cause what's underground? The root. So when they talk about us, we are the root of Hip Hop."

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