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Future's Baby Mama Speaks on Future Sticking Around For Ciara

Future's Baby Mama Speaks on Future Sticking Around For Ciara
Brittni Mealy, one of Future's baby's mothers, recently spoke with EurWeb about her current relationship with him and how they've grown to become more comfortable and cooperative with one another as time has gone by.  Brittni attended one of Future's concerts not too long ago and was actually introduced to Ciara, Future's fiance and future baby mother, and his other baby mamas, and she spoke on how the meeting was not planned but it felt very natural nonetheless.  She also addressed the question that many people have been asking, whether or not Future will stick around once Ciara has their baby.
See what she had to say about her and Future's relationship, meeting his baby mothers, and Ciara below:
On her current relationship with Future:
We've had issues in the past, but now we're working together to be great parents to our son. I'm maturing as a woman. I'm starting to open up and see things Future's way a little you know compromise a little. We're getting along and I just want to keep it that way because it's so much better and easier this way.
I'm a better person and I thank God for that and I pray every day and I'm big on trying to stay positive.
On meeting up with Ciara and Future's other baby mamas:
It wasn't even planned like that. It just happened. Sometimes it's the best way for things to happen. We had a good time. I felt like it was genuine. It wasn't planned and he wasn't in the room with us when we were taking photos. I'm looking forward to more family events and everybody getting along. There was no conversation had. You know how you can just say something without having to say it. Everybody spoke and as we traveled from place to place, everybody warmed up. Everything just happened naturally.
On whether Ciara should prepare for Future to be absent once their baby is born:
I mean now, I can't say because I know people grow. If he's happy, I wish nothing but good luck and I wouldn't wish anything negative on him or her or their relationship.

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