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Manny Pacquiao Hit With Massive Tax Bill Over $18 Million

Manny Pacquiao Hit With Massive Tax Bill Over $18 Million
TMZ Sports has obtained official documents which detail the current stresses Manny Pacquiao is facing regarding his dealings or lack-thereof, with the IRS.  He is being accused of failing to pay Uncle Sam a total of $18,313,668.79 between the years of 2006 to 2010.  Below is a yearly list of what Manny owes according to the documents:
2006 — $1,160,324.30
2007 — $2,035,992.50
2008 — $2,862,437.11
2009 — $8,022,915.87
2010 — $4,231,999.01
On top of his U.S. tax stress, Manny is currently facing a $50 million tax battle from his homeland of the Philippines as their government claims that he owes them that monstrous amount from 2008 and 2009.  Things have gotten so bad for Manny out there that the Philippines has frozen his bank accounts he had open in the country, and also placed a lien on his expensive properties.
Hopefully he can get those numbers straightened out without having to suffer punishment beyond paying money, which could include 3 meals a day inside of a jail cell.

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