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Street Certified Bangas Volume 2 Mixtape Listening Party

Calling ALL DJs, Media & Artists
Certified Street Bangas Mixtape Listening Party
Mixtape selected by DJS & Industry Professionals
May 14th,2014 9pm until

Bosslady Ent is about to change the game.  Certified Street Bangas is a completely FREE mixtape for artists!  We will be promoting this mixtape FREE, placing this mixtape FREE, and PRINTING hard copies of this mixtape FREE!!!! This listening party is designed to allow DJS to consider tracks that they would push in clubs & on their individual mixtapes, also create a networking event like no other.

If you are a DJ, I ask that you RSVP and attend the event.  Food & Drink will be provided at no cost and all I would ask of you is listen to each artists song for 45 secs and give the artists either a thumbs up or thumbs down.  Out of 50 artists only 19 will be selected for the mixtape.

If you are media,  you are welcomed.  Free of charge!!! Cover this event, come out and network and send me any footage from the event of course with your logo. 
If you are a artists, you are invited.  It is a good look for you to come out and have your folks in there rooting for you.  Your vote counts.  Tickets are only $6 if you pay ahead of time and $10 at the door.   There will be only 5 performance slots available at $150 each.  You will get to perform 6 mins, have 7 days promo and promo video from event, vip section, bottle plus private interview at event which would be added to promo video.
Future Lounge
447 N Indian Creek Dr Clarkston GA
General Admission $10 or $5 before 11!
5 Artists Performance Slots Call @ Bosslady 6786126058 for more info!!!!!

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