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Artist Konviction announces creation of new label and new single

Konviction take the Detour Life  Konvition in the Serenity
New Muzik. New Movement. New Ministry.
Orlando, FL – April 15, 2014 – Konviction, Founder of Konviction Muzik announces the launch of its new record label and urban outreach ministry along with his first radio single called,“Mama” on the upcoming album “The Re-Education of John Doe”. The song is a dedication to his mother and other mother’s across the nation! It’s right on time for Mother’s Day Celebration.
Konviction has also put out an open call to artists who would like to be considered by the label. The label is designed to give emerging artists with a desire for outreach the opportunity to build with the lost outside the four walls of the established church, partnering with ministries and organizations focused on the development of the next generation. Artist interested may send an
EPK and/or mp3 to and we will personally listen and get back to you soon. For more information visit Konviction adds that “while hype muzik and sold out shows are nice, our primary objective will be impacting the culture and saving souls. Period.”
The upcoming album “The Re-Education of John Doe” will be a free download FOR ALL! The album is a counter-cultural collection of gems with the sole intent of challenging the accepted norms of an increasingly wicked and perverse culture. Slated for release during Summer 2014, you can download the first single, “Mama” at

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