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"Michael Knight" is a Artist,Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer.

"Michael Knight" is a Artist,Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer. Check "Michael Knight" video on worldstar. Michael Knight is truly a main stream artist different from all these other artists around. Michael Knight is so versatile that he can get on anyone's track and straight kill it. Born in Miami, Florida in a small part of the city call Little Haiti. Michael Knight is a artist, producer, engineer and songwriter. Michael Knight has seen his shares of ups and downs. A son of a hustla, he knows all about the grind it takes to make it in the game. Growing up moving to city to city, you almost can feel what he went through and the people Michael Knight met along the way. Finally his family settles to a small town of Winter Haven, FL after his father was arrested on drug charges and had to start a new life on the right track. A standout high school basketball player, Michael Knight seen a little taste of the spotlight."Almost everyday I was in the newspaper or somebody wanted to get at me, I'm an entertainer that's what I love to do is entertain people…" says"Michael Knight". It was in college where Michael Knight took music seriously. After a fatal car accident that he was involved in that left one of his teammate dead at the scene, he wanted to do something different with his life. After coming back home from school, Michael Knight grinded and taught himself to make beats and engineer his own work. Getting a name for his grind and making beats for local artists, Michael Knight knew he was on his way. Its was then,where he was featured on other people tracks, that everybody knew that he was gifted on the mic and be hide it. In a league of his own when it comes to local acts in his area, now he is ready to take it globally.

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