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Timbaland Sued $500K By Australian Concert Promoter

 Timbaland Sued $500K By Australian Concert Promoter

Australian concert promoter demands that Timbaland give back the $500K he received for shows he never played.

For Timbaland, it's now too late to 'pologize for concerts he double-booked in 2008. Claiming that the Virginia Beach producer booked shows in Finland that overlapped with Australian tour dates (at which he was a no-show), an Australian concert promoter is demanding that Timbo return the half of his million dollar deal that he received prior to the concerts.
According to TMZ, Showtime (the promotion company) were told a month prior to Timbaland's July 2008 shows in Australia that he would have to reschedule them to August, with no explanation given. Then, the promoter learned that Timbo had scheduled shows in Finland on those same, rescheduled dates. When Timbaland finally let them know that he was canceling the shows, he not only declined to pay back the $500K he had already received, but also demanded the rest of the million he was promised in the deal. Naturally, Showtime declined.
Now Showtime is suing the superproducer for $500K and damages.

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