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Big Homie - Da New Streets (Loyalty Ova Errything)

Big Homie - Da New Streets (Loyalty Ova Errything) WRNR

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Big Homie has linked up w/ the one and only, the official streets A&R, Bigga Rankin. This is his first Real Ni66a Radio project and when Bigga heard the record, he knew this tape would be a huge success. Big Homie is not an artist for anyone to sleep on. This release will serve as a wake up call to anyone sleep on Big Homie and his team (D.M.A. ENT & No Looking Back). Team Bigga Rankin puts our stamp of approval and the infamous DJ Stikuhbush hit us w/ his awesome mixing. Press Play, Download, Vote, Comment, but most importantly remember the name Big Homie.
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