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Toronto's Jamel Thomas Drops New Single With "She's Here"

New Music: Jamel Thomas "She's Here" (Prod. Kavi Bless)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 27th, 2017
Jamel Thomas Drops New Single Off His Upcoming Mixtape "One On The House"
Jamel Thomas is back with another track off of his upcoming mixtape;  "One On the House". You know the type…those people who show initial interest, only to start flaking on plans with sketchy, redundant excuses; that person who loves getting wined-and-dined, but won’t show up to events that aren’t all about them. You know—those flaky invite them places, they say they'll come out, then they lie! Cue “She’s Here”, with Jamel Thomas offering us a delicious rendition of revenge through success to those people who’ve slept on us through the come up, then suddenly want to be around us when we blow up.

In this slick track produced by Kavi Bless and arranged by the artist himself, Jamel Thomas mock-serenades a lady who tries running him through that same gauntlet of disappointment. He tells her that she’s misunderstood his intentions—he's already got a thoroughbred with him, a gal he seems to be crazy about. He voices what we would all love to say after we hang up on those people who gave their last excuse: “Oh my dear…when I finally make it, don’t you come around here!” This song is perfect for those who want to stunt on their ex and show off what loyalty looks like, with their new flame, or simply show up those fake friends who never had our back through tough times.
On the chorus, his voice is reminiscent of that classic over-the-top rock style, with phases of R&B during the verses, all brilliantly layered over more familiar, new hip-hop production. As the track draws to a close, one thing is for sure – you do not want to be that person sleeping on this artist. This is the 3rd single in 3 months off the upcoming release "One On The House" due January 2018. Look out for more new music to come soon!
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